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Mechanical Analysis

The New Hurkus Project includes weight optimization of the fuselage, structural analyses of the EHPOD Project (including static and random vibration), structural analyses of some primary structures (such as Emergency Exit Door and its surroundings) in the Fuselage/Forward Fuselage of Airbus A400M aircraft, and structural analyses of the APU Compartment.

Electronic Design

The project involves AC/DC power distribution, AC/DC converter, EMI filter design, servo valve control, sensor design, production, and controls (temperature, pressure, and RPM), data acquisition systems, and BLDC and asynchronous motor driver.


The project involves developing embedded system software, developing a control interface – GUI, and developing analysis tools for aircraft structures, including structural analysis and weight optimization.

Mechanical Design

The project involves realizing the lightest designs suitable for load paths, conceptual and detailed design of the Electronic Warfare Pod, and conceptual and detailed design of the Power Distribution Unit.

Project Management / Consulting

The project involves structural and electronic systems engineering, electronic integration of Electronic Warfare Pods/Electronic Support Pods, and Environmental Control Unit (ECU) system engineering.


The project involves EMI/EMC tests (MIL-STD-461), environmental tests (MIL-STD-810), aircraft electrical interface tests (MIL-STD-704), preparation of test systems, and data collection operations.

Our Products

TAELCO Aeronautics and Defense Inc. manufactures pressure sensors and data acquisition systems that comply with quality standards for the Aviation and Defense sectors.

Combined Pressure and Temperature Sensor

DAQ System

Data Acquisition Systems

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TAELCO Aeronautics and Defense Inc. provides services in Mechanical Design/Analysis/Production, Electrical Design/Production, Software Development, Thermal Design, Systems Engineering, and Testing for the Aviation and Defense sectors.


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